Blegoš (1562 meters above sea level) is the second highest mountain peak within the Loka mountain range. It’s a bald mountain of the Poljanska valley that you can conquer within two hours of hiking. Just below the peak you may fill your empty stomach in the “Lodge on Blegoš”.

Secrets of the Rupnik line

Rupnik line got its name from the yugoslavian general Leon Rupnik  of Slovenian descent. It’s comprised of bunkers and various forts which were built as a line of defense against Italian attacks in both world wars. You can explore the Rupnik line through multiple hiking trails that will show you many ridge fortifications on Hrastov grič and Goli vrh.

Ski center Cerkno

Ski center Cerkno has 18 kilometers worth of pistes and has been declared the best ski center of Slovenia seven years in a row. You can find pistes for experienced skiers, pistes for relaxed skiing and pistes for beginners. The center is also known to be family-friendly.

Bazen pr' Topličarju in Kopačnica

Bazen pr’ Topličarju is a popular natural swimming pool. Geothermal water that surges from a 460 meter deep hole has a constant temperature of 23,4 degrees Celsius, which makes soaking in the pool possible year-round.

Partisan Hospital Franja

The Partisan hospital got its name after doctor Franja Bojc Bidovec. It represents a timestamp of humanity, comradeship and solidarity from the second world war. It was known to be one of the best equiped secret partisan hospitals. Today you can visit fourteen of its wooden barracks and multiple auxiliary objects.

Davški waterfalls

Davški waterfalls consist of three smaller waterfalls (upper, middle and lower) of the Davča stream. The biggest and most beautiful is the middle waterfall that falls six meters down in two streaks into a long and deep pool.

Terme Cerkno

Terme Cerkno are the only Slovenian terme under the Julian alps. It includes an indoor thermal pool, massage beds, geysers, a whirlpool, a kids pool, saunas (Finnish, Turkish and Infrared) and a salt room.

Tavčar Manor

Tavčar Manor got its name after the Slovenian writer and politician  Ivan Tavčar. Inside you can explore the exhibition “Visoška domačija pripoveduje”, a monument and the tomb of the mentioned writer. Next to the manor you’ll find the statue of Ivan Tavčar where many visitors take a selfie to remember their visit.

Family park Stari vrh

Family park Stari vrh is a place where you can have fun with the whole family. It consists of three adrenaline tracks of various difficulties and one climbing wall. Within the park there’s also a picnic area where you can enjoy the natural surroundings. For hiking enthusiasts there’s also a short hiking trail.

Loka Castle and museum

The original castle was built by the Freising bishops in the early 13th century. In the year 1511 the castle was almost completely demolished from an earthquake but the bishop Filip soon ordered a renovation. Today there’s a museum within the castle. It showcases a historical, archeological, artistic, cultural and ethnological collection of the formal Loka economy.

Mercury mine

The mercury mine is comprised of the Antonij ditch, the mercury smelting plant and the water barrier. The Antonij ditch was dug in the year 1500 and is known as the oldest entrance into the mine. Today you can go down the ditch and visit the second largest mercury mine in the world.